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Covid19 Update

Now that the Isle of Man has relaxed it’s lock-down rules,  we are now fully (and happily) able to engage our clients on the Isle of Man in face-to-face meetings.  We are still unable to engage face-to-face with our UK clients, as doing so will require our staff to self-isolate upon their return to the Isle of Man.

We can, of course, communicate with anyone, anywhere  via telephone (again through the telephone numbers shown at the top of this page) and we would welcome your call.

We are also contactable our regular email through our Contact Us page or via the email address shown at the top of this page and we are able to communicate with you via electronic messenger or video call, if you wish or if it is necessary, which we will be happy to arrange at any time should you wish to do so.

As always, we are fully able to procure and supply both computers and computer parts through the normal courier channels at this time and we can perform diagnostics on your computer(s)  (Internet permitting) using various remote access devices should you need us to do so.

We can provide assistance, maintenance, or training and via remote meeting software such as TeamViewer, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., etc., should you require us to do so.

CompuTech Services Ltd. has been providing high quality affordable computer related services and computer products since the turn of the century to everyone, from private individuals to SME’s to large global corporations and will continue to do so.

The links on the  menu bar above will take you to the various parts of our website.  They will tell you About Us, show you how to Contact Us and they will explain our Products and Services.

Please telephone us at either of the above telephone numbers or Contact Us via e-mail with any questions you might have regarding your computer and computing requirements.

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