We supply all kinds of computers and computer related equipment including PCs,  Laptops, Tablets Phones, etc. as well as all sorts of computer related peripheral equipment such as scanners, printers, digital cameras, web cameras, computer tools and diagnostic equipment, plus a host of other computer related hardware items which are far too numerous to mention in this website. All you need do is ask.

CompuTech Services Limited is a Microsoft Certified Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

We  are fully capable of building your computer or networked system of computers  to order and from scratch.

Our OEM status, combined with our industry qualified in-house consultants, allows us to offer you the luxury of owning fully custom-built computers or computer systems, which are designed to exactly match your needs and specifications as well as purpose-matched off-the-shelf computer systems.

We will not sacrifice quality for the sake of price, and we fully guarantee our products.
Please call us on either of the above telephone numbers or e-mail us via our Contact Us Page to discuss your particular needs.