People usually buy computers for either business or personal use.

When computers are purchased for business use, the buyer rarely conducts a full investigation into the company’s present Information Technology (IT) needs and almost always disregards the Company’s possible computing needs in the future.

When the computer is bought by an individual for personal use, it is very rare that the individual will know everything about the capabilities of the computer, and, more often than not, the computer ends up performing tasks which are far below both its capabilities, and the capabilities of it’s owner.

 We formed our company so we could offer professional consultancy services to customers ranging from large corporations to home computer users. Our staff members are qualified and certified by computer industry leaders such as Microsoft®, Cisco and others. In addition, some of our staff members have more than twenty years of experience gained exclusively in the computer industry, and an extensive knowledge of today’s “Cutting Edge” products and technologies.

This experience and technical product knowledge allows our people to offer high quality computer consultancy services which are unmatched in your local area.

We would be happy to advise you regarding either your home computer system, and/or regarding your entire office or corporate network infrastructure. We have extensive experience, including Local Area Networks (LANs) Municipal Area Networks (MANs) or Wide Area Networks (WANs) spanning offices, buildings, streets, towns, counties, countries, continents and the World.

  • No job is too big or too small.
  • We analyse your business needs and aspirations and design your computer systems accordingly.
  • We custom-build your computers, or advise you as to who would be the best manufacturers to purchase from to satisfy your needs.
  • We advise you as to the type of software you may need to run your business efficiently and effectively.
  • We install everything, and make sure it all works properly.
  • When all is installed and running happily, we will be happy to maintain your network for you.

Should you or your staff need training to help you use the new system, we will be happy to offer you Personalised Computer Lessons to make sure everyone can use the new system to maximum efficiency.

Please telephone us at either of the above telephone numbers, or e-mail us via our Contact Us Page to arrange a personal no-obligation Consultancy session regarding your computer needs.